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Pam & I in Alberta harvesting a moose.

Pam and I harvesting an Idaho Elk.

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It is Time for Flowers
Entering into the Cathedral the first display is in the center. During January in Omaha/Council Bluffs it was really cold.  This winter we were having some sub zero temps at night and during the day the temp never went above 20.  Add the wind chill and it was really cold outside. Not much snow, but it has been unusually humid.  That just makes it feel even colder.  Plus, if you add in the gray days it makes it even more uncomfortable.  My wife Pam always finds things for us to do instead of sitting around in blankets reading and watching the idiot tube.  You watch that thing for any length of time and your eyes get bigger and your brain gets smaller.  It was time to get out of the house.    “We shape our buildings; Thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill This weekend was St. Cecilia’s Cathedral annual Flower Festival.  This is an Omaha

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Have some real fun, Go shoot some Gators.  They taste like scallops.
Another Idaho Elk It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

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Hunting Alberta’s Grey Wolf
Here he/she is Canis Lupus  In the fall of 2018, I had the good luck to score a moose north of Spirit River, Alberta.  The Outfitter was going to start offering wolf hunts as the beast is so plentiful and I was told they kill about 80% of the new born moose calves.  The beast immediately went on my list of hunting trips that I had to make. First, a little research needed to be done.  I was reminded that this animal is not your ordinary house dog, but a fierce animal that kills for sport.   Here’s looking at you kid Hunting elk in north central Idaho and in Wyoming south of Yellowstone, some time ago, I had experienced what happens when wolves are turned loose in areas rich in elk.  The elk disappear. If I was going to head north to hunt these animals, a little research needed to be done. Literature is readily

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Hunting The Wapiti
This was what I was after, but not that big.  Notice the cape and the low slung belly.  I did one of those years ago and my wife still reminds me that he was not the best eating.  This animal was almost 600 yards when I got the picture.   Many biologists believe the name “wapiti” (WAA-pi-tea) is a Shawnee Indian word meaning “white rump,” an appropriate description for the elk’s large rump patch.  This is the animal I set out to hunt in eastern Idaho southwest of Yellowstone in Montana on October 8th.  The reservation was made in mid January and at that time, it was hoped the weather would be tolerable.  Two years ago a hunt was planned with outstanding results, and last year we hunted moose, and the weather could have not been better. This year the warnings went out for Montana, the Dakotas, and Wyoming for severe cold, high winds and lots of

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The Grand Finale to the Adventure
The Isle of Skye On this day we had a full day of sightseeing with an excursion to the Isle of Skye, considered to be the loveliest of all the Scottish islands.   The Isle of Skye is the largest and northernmost of the major islands in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland.  The island has been occupied since the Mesolithic period, and its history includes a time of Norse rule and a long period of domination by Clan MacLeod and Clan Donald.  About a third of the residents were Gaelic speakers in 2001.  The morning rides were exceptionally beautiful as the heather was just starting to bloom.  The Heather was just starting to bloom.  In the more mountainous areas it was really blooming.  Highland Countryside We had lunch on our own in Skye and it was outstanding.  Fish and chips with a side of slaw were outstanding.  There was an enormous piece of cod and it

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