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Dining on the Fruits of our Harvest
“In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen.” -Theodore Roosevelt After all the planning, preparation for going on a big game hunt, and proudly bringing home our prize to the wife, neighbors, and other people, feasting is what it is all about.  Field dressing the animal, and aging and marinating are important factors in great dining of the game. Wild game, the perfect food.  I am firmly convinced cooking of big game well done is one of the most violated errors that is responsible for ruined meat and that of dissatisfied diners. Big game meats, especially steaks, roasts and loins are best when cooked rare to medium rare.  Cleanliness and sanitary handling are key elements to successful cooking and dining.  There is the fear of bacteria but deer and elk are not known as trichinosis carriers.  Cooking meats to a surface temperature of 160 degrees will prevent bacteria penetration as

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Have some real fun, Go shoot some Gators.  They taste like scallops.

 Browning Fishing X-Bolt Baitcast Rod and Reel Combo - 7'MH
Browning Fishing X-Bolt Baitcast Rod and Reel Combo - 7'MH

Crossing the Border Both Ways and Driving in Canada
We drove across Montana on Highway 2 to avoid the mountains to the south and west of us.  This was all farm and ranch land with two lane driving and was just a little boring.  Montana is a beautiful state outside of the mountains with the prairies, farm and crop lands. At Shelby Montana, we picked up I-15 and drove straight north to the Sweetgrass/Coutts port of entry to Canada and exit from the U.S. This sculpture was just outside of Gladstone, ND.    We drove up to a Kiosk, presented our passports, and answered questions about why we were entering Canada.  We were told where to park and took our paperwork inside.  The person at the kiosk was courteous, but quick and to the point. The form for declaring the firearm is available on line and also Mike’s Outfitting sent me a copy to complete.  DO NOT SIGN THE FORM.  I didn’t. You will

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Sightseeing in Alberta/British Columbia
The moose was at the processor and we could not pick him up for two days.  With nothing else to do and everyone in the camp having got their moose, we decided to go touring for a day.  Alberta is rich in history and great places to visit, but we were up north and west so they suggested we visit Dawson Creek, British Columbia, just a couple of hour drive north of the lodge. On our drive up to and from Dawson Creek the highway was peppered with these signs warning of moose crossings.  We did not see any signs warning of deer crossings. This was a really nice drive with lots of scenery.  To the west we could see the mountains in British Columbia with the snow covered peaks.  It was a beautiful drive.  Dawson Creek derives its name from the creek of the same name that runs through the community. The creek was named after George Mercer

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Day Three of Six of the Great Alberta Moose Hunt
Do you ever get up in the morning and say to yourself? “This is going to be my day in the sun.”  Well, driving up to the lodge that is how I felt, and Pam told me to slow down more than once as I was exceeding the speed limit.  When she is confident and upbeat, that is a good sign.  After 51 years of marriage, I think we read each other pretty well.  Decades ago, before I got married, a friend told me, “In your marriage be either right or happy.” I chose “happy” and things have worked out well for both of us. Sunrise in Alberta and it looks like it will be a high overcast day.  The great beast will not be so tied to the stands of timber and may wander outside of his protective cover, or maybe, he will move closer to the edge.    When we arrived ready for

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