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Pam and I with a freshly
harvested Idaho Elk.

Oculus 7.0 Binoculars - 10x42mm

Oculus 7.0 Binoculars - 10x42mm

I used the binocular in Idaho
the results are above.

Does your best friend need a
lift up the stairs? Give them
some help.


Successful Idaho Elk Hunt
It was time to head west.  My wife, Pam, and I loaded up the truck and headed to Idaho on September 23rd for the Elk hunt at Juniper Mountain Ranch near St. Anthony, Idaho.  After twelve hours of driving we checked into the Comfort Inn in Rock Springs, Wyoming.  We did not even take a

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There is nothing like shooting
Gators. Plus they taste good!

Planning Another Elk Hunt
January came and it immediately brought to mind the need to apply for my elk tags in Wyoming and possibly New Mexico.   A nice looking 6 x 6, but I would satisfied with something smaller.  We want tender meat.    The New Mexico hunt sounded really fantastic as it was highly recommended by a

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Up Close & Personal Hunting Alligators
The research was done and now the time came to fish or cut bait.  My wife Pam and I took off to Braithwaite, LA to hunt Alligators.  From Council Bluffs we headed to St. Louis and then down I-55 for our first stop in Memphis, Tenn.  This was an enjoyable drive and we had the

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Huntin Dem Gators
Last winter when it was cold and miserable outside while sitting by the fire staying warm inside, researching and reading something interesting was the order for the day.  I enjoy the history channel  programs.  One program really caught my eye and it was called “Swamp People.”  Hunting alligators looked really dangerous and took a lot

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