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Pam and I with a freshly harvested Idaho Elk. "Berkley Flicker Shad Crankbait - 2"" - Purple Tiger" On sale, buy at least five. I have caught a lot of fish on this lure.   flextone Funky Chicken Turkey Decoy flextone Funky Chicken Turkey Decoy Attention Turkey Hunters. I use this decoy with a couple of feeder hens.  It is dynamite and the toms go wild with anger. Avian-X LCD Feeder Hen Turkey Decoy Avian-X LCD Feeder Hen Turkey Decoy I put out two of these feeders with my Funky Chicken decoy about 15 feet apart. I believe it gives confidence to a wary tom and lets him just get mad at Funky. Leatherman Sidekick Multi-Tool Leatherman Sidekick Multi-Tool Don't be without one.
Ducks and the WRP
A close friend of mine who is an avid duck hunter is in the process of developing his own private duck hunting hole.  I hate to use the term old friends, but we have known each other for decades and he is an expert when is comes to hunting ducks and especially mallard ducks.   His experience goes back to when he was thirteen years old and he hunted on a well known commercial hunting site and became a close friend of the owner, and still is.  He was the senior member in the club I belonged to for seventeen years.  Last year before the season, we lost the owner of the land we hunted on who also managed the club.  This club had been in existence for 25+ years and consisted of 80 acres with 40 acres of water and less than a mile from the Missouri River. It has a well and a

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Have some real fun and go shoot some Gators.  They taste like chicken.

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Bubba Blade Bubba Fillet Glove - Left Hand - Red/Black - S/M
Bubba Blade Bubba Fillet Glove - Left Hand - Red/Black - S/M

"Bubba Blade Whiffie Super Flex Fillet Knife - 6"""

The Moose Hunt is On
  It’s on this year.  My moose hunt was set up in January and I was disappointed that I was placed on a standby list for this year, but confirmed in 2019.  We came home one evening and there was an e-mail from Mike Ukrainetz stating the the person he was holding for the week of October 23rd this year had backed out and I could have the spot.  That was an easy decision as we did not want to wait over a year to make this hunt.  So, we are confirmed to make the trip up to Spirit River for a first class moose hunt with Mike’s Outfitting.      What I know of this animal is that they are really big and can get really mean.  Now that is interesting as I enjoy shooting dangerous game.  The main element of  the animal is they are number 1. on the wild game meat menu

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From Trash to Treasure
January has made itself well known in the Omaha/Council Bluffs cities and it is really cold.  Fortunately most of the heavy snow has gone north of us, but winter is not yet over.  What is a person to do? Fortunately for me, my wife makes sure we have plenty of entertainment and it is my turn to do what she wants to do.  That is how I get to hunt and fish whenever I want to and squander money on equipment.  I really mean to say invest in hunting and fishing equipment.  Plus, during the winter months of the year I plan my next big game hunting events.  This can be from hunting alligators in Louisiana to shooting big game in the mountains or in Canada.     This winter one our favorite places, Lauritzen Gardens, had an outstanding event planned for members and the community.  This is one place I really like to go as

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The Great Moose Hunt is Planned
The thought pattern started at least 10 years ago.  The conversations with fellow hunters that had shot a lot of big game also started 10 years ago.  Where do you go to do this and how do they taste?  Moose are a really big animal if you hunt the bulls.  How is all this done and where is the best opportunity?  The research was then started over a period of time. That is what we hope to shoot.  Somehow I have gotten on e-mail lists for hunting brokers that represent different types of lodges and hunting opportunities not only in North America, but all over the world.  I have never used one, but they seem to have access to some really interesting hunts in prime places with decent prices.  I enjoy contacting lodges and listening to the owners tell me about what they have to offer, and then make my decision as to whether this

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