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The Great Moose Hunt is On
It was finally going to happen!  After a three day drive from Council Bluffs, we arrived in Grand Prairie, Alberta Canada.  Next morning we met the chief guide at our motel and followed him up to Spirit River and to the lodge.  We then met the staff and everyone was shown to their rooms except for my wife and I.  We were staying at the 49 Motel in Spirit River.  The lodge had adequate rooms, but there were only two bathrooms and one shower.  Not so good for my wife but Mike told me hunters bring their wives all the time and stay at the motel.  It was only 20 minutes from the lodge. The lodge was full of mounts of all kinds from bear to elk to a multitude of mule and whitetail deer.  Look at the pile of horn lying in the bottom of the picture.    Next was licensing, a really big

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Have some real fun, Go shoot some Gators.  They taste like scallops.

 Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier 2 Baitcast Rod and Reel Combo - PQC10SHLA/PQL70MT-2
Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier 2 Baitcast Rod and Reel Combo - PQC10SHLA/PQL70MT-2

Delta-01.Agate Fossil Beds, Chimney Rock, Boot Hill
Minuteman III Missile Delta-9 (Dummy Missile) After the Badlands we headed over to visit the 3 parts of the Missile Site at Delta-1.  The three sites consist of the visitors center, Delta-1 where we would go underground and see the control room that two officers in the Air Force would be stationed 24 hours a day, and viewing the actual silo at Delta-9.   Our first stop was at the visitors center.  At this location an excellent history of the cold war was presented and the need for the missile defense that was built at the various locations across South Dakota and other plains states.  Since my wife grew up in Sidney, Nebr. she has first hand experience of living among the missile silos which were scattered across the farm lands of the area.  For me growing up in Council Bluffs, IA., Strategic Air Command (SAC) was just a few miles from our home.  Talk of

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Across Beautiful South Dakota
South Dakota State Bird   South Dakota is one of our favorite states.  For us they have it all from fishing, hunting to national parks and the beauty of the plains.  With some spare time we took off to do a quick tour through the state of some of the interesting sites.  On the top of the list was a tour of Delta 1, an ICBM base that was fully operation during the cold war, and we went underground to see how our service men and women lived during this tense period.    Out of Council Bluffs and a mere 2 hour and 45 minute drive straight north along I-29. Northeast of the city is a state park, the Palisades.  Palisades State Park is one of the most unique areas in South Dakota. Split Rock Creek, which flows through the park, is lined with Sioux quartzite formations varying from shelves several feet above the water to

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North to Alberta for Moose
Pam and I are heading down that long grey ribbon to Spirit River, Alberta to hunt moose the week of October 23rd.  The moose hunt was set up in January and I was disappointed that I was placed on a standby list for this year, but confirmed in 2019.  We came home one evening and there was an e-mail from Mike Ukrainetz stating the the person he was holding for the week of October 23rd this year had backed out and I could have the spot.  That was an easy decision as we did not want to wait over a year to make this hunt.  So, we are confirmed to make the trip up to Spirit River for a first class moose hunt with Mike’s Outfitting.  Friends ask me who is going with you on this trip.  This can be a dangerous animal.  When I tell them my wife Pam, is going along and her

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