Pheasant Hunting At Its Finest

In eastern Nebraska there is an excellent opportunity to see a lot of birds and have your limit before noon. It is the “Little Creek Game Bird Farm” east of Blair Nebraska on Highway 91. Arrive by 8 AM, check in at the comfortable lodge, and you can be gone before noon, but a good dog is highly recommended. The birds are placed on creek bottoms with tall grass, flood plains on each side and terraced corn fields. The terraces are heavy grass with corn on each side. There is a whole lot of cover. You can shoot hens or roosters, and the fee is the same for six hens or three roosters. Game farm birds are a little smaller than birds born in the wild, but they perform and eat exactly the same. The weather seems to determine if they will sit and then jump into the wind, or start running ahead of you. It seems when the weather is really foul, they will sit. On nice days they run. A good dog is always the equalizer on any upland game hunt.

John and I with five nice birds.  There is a dead one still out there flying.

Teaming up with hunting and shooting expert John Bender, makes the difference for two reasons. John has a chocolate lab “Junior” who loves to hunt. No matter how cold it is, how windy, how much snow is on the ground or in the air, Junior plows ahead. Working back and forth, going on point, then retrieving a downed bird means we never lose one if it is a loose shot. Second, John is an excellent trap and skeet shooter. If you are a little rusty, and we have all had bad days, John will never miss a bird.

Chukars are a great bird to hunt.  They fly in every direction, and the flite pattern is similar to that of a quail.  The best part is they have a really big breast, and make a great meal.

 Hunting at a bird farm is a great experience, and a great way to go if you have a time problems in your life or don’t want to walk for miles upon miles. Three or four day trips to well known areas of the country can be expensive, and game bird hunting is a lot cheaper with the same or better result.

For an inexpensive way to harvest a daily limit of birds on a limited time frame, go to the Little Creek Game Bird Farm.

With all the snow and cold weather we are having, the turkeys are flocking up.  I scouted the farm I hunt north of Fort Calhoun and the patterns are somewhat different.  The birds I saw were all south of the usual ambush point.  I am now set to get my limit tomorrow or the next day.  It just can’t get any better than this.

More on this topic to come next week.

Good fishing, good hunting, and good luck. Hank

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