The Snow Geese are Coming, The Snow Geese are Coming

We hope the snow geese are coming.  Checking the counts at Squaw Creek, they are still showing 777,000+ birds, and so we wait for the next count.  The commercial blind to the south of our club has reported getting into a couple of bunches, but there is no noticeable movement of geese leaving Squaw Creek.  My wife and I live along the Missouri River bottoms, and we have not seen any flocks of snows in the air heading north.  We have seen a lot of Canadas migrating. My fear is the majority of the snows may follow the Platte River west and then turn north through central Nebraska. 

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As I checked the weather today  (March 6th), we have three days of north winds and light snow Monday through Thursday.  Friday may be worth heading out to the blind as the wind will be out of the south and it is forecasted to be a really nice day. 

Snow goose hunting is the opposite of fall hunting.  We hunt the really nice days with southerly flow. Showing up early is not an issue. You do not have to be in the blind until about 9-10 AM.  These are bankers’ hours and the weather is nicer.  You are not limited to the number of shells you can put in your gun.  We have several members put extensions on their weapons that give them extra shells.  I have found that shooting big shells (3 1/2″)  gives you some more boost.

Monday March 7th, No new report from Squaw Creek.  Right now the weather looks like rain and snow for the next three days.  Thursday and Friday look good with southerly flow, sunshine and warm temperatures.  Those could be the days.  We are ready.

Wednesday March 9th. My good friend John called me and said there were 2 million snow geese at Squaw Creek.  I could not verify that as their website has not been updated.  I am sure John called the refuge.  Our snow did not materialize, but we did have a strong north wind all day.  This should be letting up and moving to the south.  Fornes Lake just south of Council Bluffs has a few geese, but no big flocks.  We are ready.

 Thursday March 10th. The posted report for Squaw Creek is 1.297 million snow geese.  Weather in southwest Iowa is cool but clear.  Tomorrow projected highs are to be in the upper 50s with southerly flow.  We are ready.

Good hunting, good fishing, and good luck.  Hank

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