Wyoming Elk Hunt, Final Days

I was running out of time.  This was to be a seven day hunt and now we have moved into day five and six.  The talk was weather, weather, and more weather.  It was just too nice.  In the low  lands temps were reaching up in the 80s and on the mountain in all the sunlight it felt just as hot.  The feeling by everyone was  when it starts warming up, the elk move into the dark timber and valleys and hide in the tall grass keeping cool.  They do not need additional nourishment like they do when it is cold.  A pullover and my lightweight coat was all I needed to be comfortable.  I brought way to much cold weather clothing.  Even the guide, peeled down to a T shirt on a break at the top of the mountain.

This is how warm it was when Jason peeled down to a T shirt on a break

The plan was to go back to the Teton Mountain Pass area and use a blocking method with two hunting parties.  Another hunting party of two hunters with Barlow Outfitting did not have any luck with elk either and it was decided to focus on the area where all the bugeling took place.  One group would go in the forest service access and climb the mountain where we almost got a shot, and the second group would access the area riding in from the north through the valleys.  We would then join up and hopefully drive elk toward one party or another.  Picture Custer attacking the Sioux at the Little Bighorn.  One group from the north and one from the south. 

It did not work.  No elk were heard or flushed out of the timber or tall grassey areas in the valley. 

One of the guides taking a short break before lunch.

Lunch time

This is what the valley areas looked like.  It would be tough to get a good shot in here, but not impossible.

View of the back side of the Grand Tetons.

We called it a day and late in the afternoon went bear hunting.  It was really warm by then, and we saw nothing.

Next morning I went with Bob Barlow to one of his honey holes.  We rode into a beautiful canyon with tall grass and timber on each side and a small stream that S turned along the valley floor.  I did not get one picture as I was gawking at the beauty of the area and of course, listening for elk.  Tethering the horses, we then climbed a really steep mountain about 2/3rds of the way up.  Bob bugeled repeatedly.  We had no answers.  He told me that in this area he always gets at least one bull to talk back to him.  We stayed in the area for about an hour and never got an answer.  We called it a day.

The weather forecast was more of the same for the next several days, and with committments to be fulfilled, I decided to fold my tent and head for home.  This was a great experience and I enjoyed every minute even though I did not get an elk.  Service was outstanding, and I highly recommend Barlow Outfitting.

Good hunting, good fishing, and good luck.  Hank

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