The Duck Hunting Starts Now

Back from a three week trip, heading to the duck blind was at the top of the agenda.  Scouting out the ground north of Fort Calhoun for turkeys was second.  The report for opening day and the week that followed was outstanding.  A good shoot took place on the first day and the next five days that followed.  Weather was cool with a northerly flow.  That makes for good duck hunting.

Arriving at the Big Chicken for breakfast on Monday, there were only myself and two other hunters.  That was okay, and off we went to the blind.  The weather was balmy with a southerly flow as we arrived at the blind in the dark.  No ducks were on the water.  That was not a good sign.  As it slowly got light, the action started and we had some gadwall work us.  One dropped out of the group of six, and he was dispatched.  As it got lighter the wind went down and by 8 AM, it looked like the action was all over.

Staying till 11 AM was the plan as we generally get some Canada shooting around 10 to 11 AM.  It did not happen this morning and I left by 11:30 and headed to Fort Calhoun to scout for turkeys.

Looking towards the northeast out of the blind.  This is a bluebird day.
The next day, I was at the Big Chicken for breakfast and only two other hunters showed up.  The weather was stable and the southerly flow prevailed.  Into the blind ten minutes before shooting time we were loaded and ready to go. 
By shooting time several groups of pintails worked us.  This was amazing.  The first of November and we were seeing pintails.  What was more amazing were the large flocks of pelicans migrating.  They were really late, and it was unusual to see these birds this time of the year.  They generally go through earlier.
Three pintails flew in low over the blind and headed east.  Then they hooked and flew into the wind, locking up and sailing toward the decoys.  One dropped low and he went to the freezer.  We did not wait for the other two.

Looking straight east from the blind.  Behind us is more water and Canada decoys have been place there.
By 11 AM it was over.  We folded our tents and left.  The forecast for the next day was nasty with winds from the north along with snow and rain. 
I did not make the nasty day due to commitments, but the shooting was outstanding as reported.  The weather was horrible as predicted.  This was just perfect for ducks and geese.  The club had an outstanding shoot with over ten members at the site and 40 birds harvested.  They were migrators moving with and ahead of the stormy weather and dropped into the lake.  Due to dry conditions, all the wetlands north of Tekamah are dry, and the lake is the only open water around.  Farther south is a commercial hunting spot and they have open water, but ours is an island of water as they come south. 
The following day was like the first two.  There was good northerly flow, but the day turned into a cloudless sky.  There was no shooting. 
Things will continue to get better.
The sales are on at the hunting and fishing stores.  This is an excellent time to purchase your favortite item at a good price.  You cannot own enough gear.
Good hunting, good fishing, and good luck.  Hank
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