I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells.
I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace.
When you are in that place in you,
and I am in that place in me,
we are one.
Namaste is a Hindi salutation or greeting. The word Namaste is a combination of the two Sanskrit words: nama, and te. Basically, nama means “to bow” and te means “you.” The Namaste salutation was transmitted from ancient India to the countries of South-east Asia, and has now traveled virtually all over the globe.

The duck season was short lived for me as I had my posession limits early with smaller ducks and some Mallards plus a few Canada.  So, my wife and I went to India and Nepal.

You don’t shake hands when you meet someone.  You place your hands together in front of your chest and greet the other person in the traditional Hindu style of greeting and say the word “Namaste.”  The picture of the gentleman above says it all, and there is a slight blow.  This trip was an experience of a lifetime plus we visited the Ranthambore Tiger Preserve.  More on that section of the trip later. 

In Delhi, our guide said there are three things you need when you drive a vehicle. Good brakes, a good horn, and good luck are required.  The traffic was the worst I have ever seen.

There are all modes of transportation from bicycles, to motor cycles, cars, trucks and of course scores of the green and yellow three wheeled cabs.  A note of interest with the cabs:  They are powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) a resource our country is awash inand hardly utilized.

Delhi is a booming city with, according to our guide, an excess of 20 million people.  Businesses are primarily made up of individual small shops, but you can see the impact of big business being felt everywhere. We never saw a grocery store, but the streets were lined with vendors selling produce.
We toured the city with one of the highlights being a vist to Hamuyan’s Tomb, a World Heritage Monument.

The fog obscures the grandure of the structure, but you can get an idea of the beauty.

Visiting a Sikh temple and observing their ceromonies was an experience.  I also waded in the healing pool hoping that would cure some of my arthritis.  So far, no results have surfaced, but a person must have faith.

The above pictures show the temple, a guard at the temple, and the healing pool.  These were very gracious people.

The next city was Jaipur.  This city is home of India’s legendary Hindu warriors, whose historic forts, palaces and gardens  lend a timeless quality to the region.  Called the “pink city” for its buildings of rose-hued sandstone, Jaipur today retains the a timeless face. 
Typical dress worn by the women of India.  The colors were bright and enhanced the beauty of the person wearing the garment

Palace of the Winds

Snake Charmer.

Amber Fort

Hindu God, Ganesh, god of good luck and prosperity and beginnings.

Duck hunting lodge of the Maharajis.  I need one of those.

My wife above and myself at the hotel.

On day nine of the trip, we toured the Ranthambore National Park and Tiger Preserve.  I have some really great pictures there and a couple of an animal rarely seen. 
Good hunting, good fishing and good luck.  Hank.

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