Wow, Check Out the Wolves of Idaho

In the last year I have had several e-mails from various people with pictures of some really big wolves in Idaho. 

Idaho must be running out of elk and deer for the wolves to feed on, as they are changing their diets to dogs and humans. 

This is how the story was relayed to me. This lady had been bow hunting using a cow call in northern Idaho.  She had changed her position and was crossing an open meadow when the wolf appeared at the edge.  It saw her and the wind was blowing directly from her to the wolf.  She raised her arms and waved them to catch it’s attention.  It came straight for her.  The bow was dropped and a S&W M-29 44 Magnum was deployed.  She made the first shot at about 10 feet hitting it above the left eye.  It dropped and changed direction, trying to get away after the shot.  She shot it again in the lungs, then a third time in the neck.  It took two men to lift it into the pick-up.

Look at the size of that thing.  I understand the shooter is about 5’5″.  

The second and third pictures were also from Idaho.  Look at the size of those wolves.

This lady shot this one.   That is one big dog.
This wolf was also shot in Idaho. 

Two years ago, I hunted elk in central Idaho through an outfitter, and we saw wolves at a distance. They never came toward us, but they were very easy to spot.  When hunting a location where there were wolf tracks, there was never any sign of a deer or elk as they had moved away.  Close to our camp, wolf tracks were found. 

I understand this is not a native creature to the area but they were released in some areas of Idaho.  Please send pictures of wolves if you have any.  The readership loves this type of picture.  

Good hunting, good fishing and good luck.  Hank.

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