This is it; A New Location

If at first it doesn’t work, try a new plan.  The old ones definitely were not producing anything except for Iowa.  There were just too many big old toms on this farm to walk away.  I have farms I have not even hunted this spring, but the plan was to conquer this one.  John was just as determined as I was to get the job done. 
A little research and study gave some interesting stats.  Most of the really big turkeys are shot between 8 AM and 1 PM.  That will help out our attitudes as we won’t have to get up so early and drive north to Tekamah, Nebraska from Omaha and Council Bluffs.

The tent looking west.  The decoys are right below to the left of the picture.  John headed west.

It was decided to hunt the top of the hill to the north of the farm.  Pasture sloped to the south and timber to the north.  The tent would be put up against a fence post.  I would man the tent, while John would go west and find a place along the fence line where there was evidence of turkey.  He would take a few of the decoys, and the remainder would stay in my location.  We wanted to give this spot a good hunting as the evidence was there the birds had been breeding and fighting.
Birds traversed this area heading down to the small lake between the cedar trees.  Right at the top of the ridge was where we found all the evidence of breeding and fighting birds.  Feathers were everywhere.

The tent is right against the fence line.  The birds would traverse the area from the timber behind the tent down the hill to the pond below.  They would go right between the cedar trees, and then back up the hill.

Now we were set.  It did not take long.  Three shots were fired to the west of me.  John had found some birds in range.  My cell phone was handy and a quick call yielded nothing but voice mail.  He never called me back.  To the southwest more shooting, but those shots were not on the property we were hunting.

Looking east along the fence line.  Turkey signs were all over the top of the ridge.

Off to my left and back in the woods a gobbler cut loose.  Patiently waiting, another gobble was made as he moved parallel to the fence line.  His exact location in the woods was hard to pinpoint, but he was definitely below me to the North. 
It was time for some calls and a couple of short yelps from me.  Instantly he responded.  I waited and gave a couple of yelps and then some clucking.  He responded again, and now had gotten considerably closer.  With some clucks and purrs from me to let him know a young beauty was waiting for him, he kept getting closer.  Now, he was coming up right behind the tent.  The tent was closed up at the back and was dark inside.  The gun lay across my lap. Then I moved to my right shoulder with the point of the barrell on a decoy sack.  More clucks and purrs were given.  He sounded like he was right at the fence.  The gun was moved up to a shooting position.  It was readied to cut loose out of one of the open windows.  Then all became quiet.  After ten minutes, I could no longer hold the gun in this position and lowered it.  I waited, and nothing happened.  He did not like the look of something.
The first thought was the tent in the open, but a friend of mine puts his right out in an open field.  Next thought was the calling.  But he came to the opening.  He just did not finish.  Next thought was the decoys, but the location, type, and spread had all been examined by two different turkey hunters.  They found nothing wrong.  Who knows. However, something was not quite right. 
This same process had happened several times with toms coming in behind me and not finishing.  The assumption was made that the tent may be the problem. I decided not to take it the next time, even though it has been used on several successful turkey hunts in the past.  It has sure been thrilling in spite of the problems.

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Good hunting good fishing and good luck.  Hank

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