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On the way home, a stop was made at the farm where turkeys had been hunted for 10 years.  The landowner was pleased that a big old boy had been harvested.  The suggestion was made for me to tromp around or sneak around the timber and see where the deer were located.  He was suspecting that another depravation permit would be needed in July. the woods hold a lot of deer.

This is on the outside of the timber.  The ground cover will go up to your waist and it is full of thorns.

Once you step past the brush line you start to see the canopy.

 Inside the canopy,  this is what you see.  The tree just at the right edge of the picture is a large oak that spews acorns.  Deer and turkey hang out in this area and it has been a venerable meat market for me the past ten years. 

Tracking weather in South Dakota, it was one front rolling through after another with wind, lots of wind and rain.  There is still lots of time for several more trips before winter rolls in.  When winter comes to South Dakota, it is real winter not just some minor cold weather and a little snow.  These are hardy people and some of the finest people we have ever met.  Anyway, there exists an overwelhming urge to visit the Purple Cow ice cream parlor in Waubay, SD.
Fifteen years ago, fishing in Kansas was a favorite place to go.  Kirwin Resrvoir was the favorite.  The lake produced some of the biggest crappie ever seen, and the walleye fishing was excellent.  The town had a small cafe that a person could get three meals a day, and it was outstanding home cooking.  In addition a local resident sold bait.  He put the bait out early and went back to bed.  You would drive up, pick out what you wanted and put the money in a coffee can, making your own change.  Several years went by, and when meeting him, I asked “aren’t you worried about having the money stolen and people not paying.”  His reply was “fisherman are liars, they are not thieves.”
Going to the Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism the search was on. (  This is an excellent site and worth studying over if your plan is to visit the state to fish and or hunt.  The three top lakes for Walleye were Webster, Kirwin, and Cedar Bluff as listed on the web site.
If you go to Kirwin, you might consider staying in Phillipsburg Kansas.  This was the lake I used to fish until western Kansas had a drought and the resorvoir went down in depth.  Fishing Webster stay at Stockton, KS and there are two motels there.  Only two you might say to yourself, please keep in mind this is rural Kansas not New York City.  In the heartland of American, exists the finest people you will ever meet.  They are the salt of the earth. Calling the motels great information was given about bait stores, places to eat, and fishing conditions.  You can also stay in Stockton and fish Cedar Bluff or go to Wakeeny a few miles down I-70.
The weather was checked and southerly flow prevailed.  Like South Dakota this can suddenly change, but when it looks right, go for it.  We will report results on return.

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Good hunting, good fishing, and good luck.  Hank
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