A Beautiful Morning Turns Nasty

Starvation had set in.  There are no restaurants in Stockton that are open for breakfast, so I was up at 4 AM and drove south to Plainview Kansas.  It was only 14 miles.  If you live on the high plains that is nothing.  The motel owner suggested I go south in the morning for breakfast. 

After I arrived in Plainview, I could see that this was a really nice rural Kansas farming community.  The people at an all night quick stop told me the sale barn offered an early morning breakfast.  Sure enough, there it was, the Plainview Sale Barn.  The resturant was open.  Grain trucks, bull haulers, and other ag equipment was parked everywhere.  This was the spot and the service and food was outstanding.  They spotted me as an outsider, but everyone spoke when I walked to my table by saying, “Good morning.”  They all noticed that a fisherman had come in.  There was plenty of advice offered on where to go on Webster and what to use.  You cannot find nicer people than those in the high plains of central America.  When the check was paid, the waitress said “Thank You,” not, ” Have a nice day,” or “There you go.” 

Here it is.  This is Baxter’s Bait Shop in Stockton Kansas.  Walking in, I was met with an amazing site.  This is no ordinary local bait shop.  It is like a mini Bass Pro store.  They have a little of everything and they are long on good suggestions and advice.  I was really made to feel welcome when I came in.  They wanted to visit for a while and help me out with my experience at Webster.

As the boat was launched on the lake, the absence of any wind was noticable.  Arriving at the spot where the fish had been pounded, a slight breeze from the south created some ripple.  The sky was just getting light, but the sun was not up yet.  As I moved in next to the standing timber, Wham! a nice walleye was picked up.  As I continued to back troll south and then drifted back over the spot where the first one was picked up, Wham! another one was boated.  These fish were a little bigger than the previous ones caught.  Crawlers, better known in some circles as worms, were being used with a spinner.  Each one was coated with some scent attractant.  I am a big believer in using scent on bait. 

Kick'n Walleye Scent Fish Attractant - Terminal Tackle
This is one of the products used on this trip.  Click on the link above or the picture and check it out at Bass Pro.

As I drifted further from the spot to the north, the water got deeper and both graphs showed little returns.  It was fully light, but the sun had not crested the dam to the east.  I back trolled the boat to the standing timber and another fish was nailed.  Now the wind began to blow.  It was not just a little breeze, but a steady blast of air.  Two more fish were needed, but boat control became really tough.  To motor over the spot and drift back was not a good idea because depth of the spinner was tough to determine. 

Here is the spot.  From previous articles, the big tree is the point to focus on.  Then go 150 yard east southeast and start catching walleye.  It can’t get any better than this.

Three fish were boated in a total time of 45 minutes.  After I moved to the east along the channel, another fish was picked up, but the size and quality was going down.  The sun was fully up over the dam and more boats were coming into my area.  One went right to the standing timber and tied up.  He began to vertical jig and the glasses showed him picking up a walleye.  Leaving that spot was a bad idea, but there was a 300 mile drive ahead for me.  Also with the wind picking up, it would be tough on me getting the boat on the trailor.

Notice the big tree in the lake.  That is the rally point to begin the fishing extravaganza.  Go east southeast and slaughter the walleye.  You will really enjoy catch and release in this area as it will take some time to catch the minimum length.
I have no idea what is special about this picture.  It just shows the beauty of the lake. 

I stayed with it for another hour and then the lake really began to rock and roll.  When big waves and white caps rolled across the lake, it was time to give it up.  The total catch for the morning was four nice size walleye and a couple of crappies.  Those kind of results are not bad for three hours.  I headed for home.

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Good hunting, good fishing, and good luck. Hank


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