Hunting and Fishing for Customers

Laying the plans for a hunting a fishing website was the easy part.  Building and implementing was the hard part and we were presented with good fortune being introduced to Greg and Jill Jameson owners of Webstores Ltd.  Upon presenting the concept, they knew exactly how to proceed and how to set it up.  Continuing support is phenominal and this has lead to a successful site and program.  It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Greg Jameson and Webstores Ltd.

Hunting and Fishing for Customers
By Greg Jameson

When Hank Huntington asked me to do a guest blog, my initial reaction was, “What does Internet Marketing and Website Design have to do with hunting and fishing?” Of course, there are the obvious metaphors of hunting for a sale or fishing for leads, so let’s take a quick look at these.

We live in a world of computers. Even sportsmen (and women) who enjoy being outdoors are often sitting in front of their computers. Since that is our environment, we naturally gravitate towards the things we like, such as sites like We enjoy reading what others have done, imagine ourselves in their experiences, and try to gain from their knowledge. If you are the person running a website, you understand who your visitors are and create content that interests them. In other words, we must learn to think like our customers in order to attract them. You are attracted to Outdoors With Hank, because he thinks like you do and likes the things you like.

The same is true with hunting of course. If we think like the game we are after, we stand a better chance of being able find our prey. Fishing is a little different, in that we must experiment with different bait to attract the fish. Internet marketing has some similarities to fishing, in that the website owner must look for what “bait” best attracts his or her customers. Sometimes the bait is a free white paper or ebook. Sometimes it is free product or free shipping. But it must be something that attracts the customer. Information in the form of product recommendations from an expert in the subject, such as that provided by Hank Huntington, benefits his users by sharing his expertise.

Unlike fishing or hunting however, this sharing of information is more like farming – planting seeds that can be harvested at a later point in time. My book, “Grow Your Online Sales” describes the process of getting seen in lots of places – be it Facebook, YouTube, websites, or even a guest blog for someone else. This continual planting of seeds can eventually be harvested in terms of more customers. If you are interested in learning more about Internet marketing or selling online, I encourage you to visit my blog at or my Facebook page at To paraphrase Hank, “Good Luck and Good Online Selling!”

Greg Jameson is the chief visionary officer at WebStores Ltd. He is an Internet consultant, author, and speaker. To contact Greg about getting your own website, please visit or call 877.924.1414.

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