It’s a Bear Hunt

So you want to go on a bear hunt.  First thing to decide is how much do you want to spend.  Second is where do you want to go, and third who is a reputable outfitter.  You will want a guide that will get you where you can at least get a shot and possibly a trophy rug for the family room.  If you are like me, you want to get the most “bang for the buck.”  My recommendation is to stay in the lower 48 and not go chasing all over the continent as the bear population in many areas has boomed.  Most of these states want them thinned as they have moved into populated areas or the population has moved out to their stomping grounds. 
The Teton areas have a lot of black bears and the outfitter I recommend is Bob Barlow owner of Barlow Outfitting. (  Bob is a native of Wyoming and having grown up in the area, knows the back country like the back of his hand.  Bob does it all from horseback trips into the mountains. Fishing trips and big game hunting trips are all professionally managed by Bob.  He uses only experienced guides with a deep knowledge of the area. 

Bob Barlow
´╗┐With all this in mind, I made a phone call to Bob and then an e-mail to provide him with available dates.  He got right back to me and we are set for a bear hunt in September.  Keep in mind, if you try to contact Bob, he may be out in the mountains on a guiding trip and it will take several days for him to get back to you.  You are working with a person who is living the experience.
That is a big bear.
An example of results.
My trip is confirmed for September right before going to Africa on a camera safari.  Check back weekly for a report on the success.
´╗┐Good hunting, good fishing, and good luck.  Hank
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These fine outdoor suppliers are starting to thin summer inventory in preparation for fall.  It is  great time to get great buy.  You cannot own enough gear.



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