Fishing a New Lake

Its a new lake east of Webster, SD and right on the edge of Waubay, SD. It is new for me, and it was fished years ago.  The impression formed by the glacial activity, the lake itself has been formed by rainfall and snow melt over the years and it is growing. The lake was originally a duck slough, but the floods in the 90s started filling it in.  Fifteen years ago, I fished the lake but there are so many within a 30 mile radius going back was never considered.  The lake is 20+ thousand acres and it is wide open.  This is a significant fact because South Dakota can get windy.  The locals say breezy.  When this happens, the lake can really rock and roll and from my perspective, it is not a good idea. Although, many fisherman brave this condition and they are justly rewarded with fine catches of fish. Plus, my preference is not to fish big reservoirs or great big lakes. 

Bitter is known for quality fish.  Big Northern Pike and really nice size Walleye. In addition the lake holds a lot of really big perch.  Perch are a member of the walleye family, and are excellent fare.  The name Bitter comes from the high amount of salt in the water.  This salinity is good for freshwater shrimp, and the walleye, perch and northern pike feed on this bait.  This helps to contribute to the quanity and quality of fish in the lake.
South Dakota has put in an excellent boat ramp, and in addition on the west side of the lake they are adding an additional ramp.  This will improve boat access expecially when there are wind conditions out of the east or west.  On this trip, unfortunately, the wind was out of the northeast moving to southeast.  Fishing on this lake could have been better for me, but putting the boat in and out was never a problem.
You can stay in Webster or there is an excellent motel in Wauby, the Circle Pines Motel.  Having stayed there a couple of times before, the people are some of the nicest you will ever meet, and very helpful in making your stay as pleasant as possible.  Phone 877-324-5161.  I had the pleasure of meeting the owner.  He fishes the lake and knows it like the back of his hand and was most helpful in pointing out places to go.  Another feature that is important for fisherman is they have an excellent fish cleaning house with plenty of tables and big freezers.  Plus, you have a key to into the house regardless of the hour.  If you fish late in the evening, you can get in and get your fish cleaned and stored in the freezer.  The fish house is cleaned daily, and it was bug free.  How many times have you had to clean fish on a table outside swatting mosquitos?  The presence of the fish cleaning house was really appreciated.
Here it is, The Purple Cow Ice Cream Parlor.  Here is the best ice cream in the country.

This is rural South Dakota, and resturants are not in abundance.  In fact, not at all.  However, there is one place that if you do not go there, you have made on of life’s major mistakes.  The Purple Cow Ice Cream Parlor.  It is in walking distance from the motel. They also sell some sandwiches, but the ice cream is key and out of this world, and there is multiple flavors.  The motel has a small refigerator and a micro wave.  They sell breakfast sandwiches and other items you can heat up in the micro wave.  I saw people cooking fish outside their rooms on portable grills and there are picknik tables on the grounds.  Going to Webster for a break, and get a big hot meal is a good choice if you do not want the work of cooking. 

Heading out of Council Bluffs, there was a major discovery made.  My Nyloxin was not in my suitcase.  This is the best topical product for arthritis discovered.  Go to their website and learn all about it.  Fortunately, only five miles out of town had been traveled so it was easy to back and pick it up.  Don’t leave town without it.

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