Beautiful Bitter Lake

Wind was from the Northeast arriving on the lake by 3 PM.  It was really whipped up and the discouragement was starting to set in.  The owner of the motel Circle Pines Motel in Waubay had marked out on a map the spots he has fished.  The plan was to stay on the east side of the lake to avoid most of the wind.  To the west was a series of sunken islands that was his favorite place, but with the wind blowing straight across 20+ thousand acres of water, staying on the east side was safe.
A quick stop at Fisherman Village to purchase bait and get some good advice was the first stop after checking in at the motel. Besides bait the store stocks fishing equipment and a supply of things to eat.  Most important was water, and with the heat plenty of water was a must.
A quick stop at Fisherman’s Village will get you stocked up for the lake.  In addition the owner also has a camp ground with plug ins and water hook up for most of the sites.  Several have sewer hook up also, and there is a dump station.
The boat ramp is in a small cove facing straight west, and that made it really easy to get the boat on and off the trailor.  When you fish by yourself, you have to plan accordingly.  Most people need lead time, but I go on the spur of the moment. The ramp is on the southeast corner of the lake.
The first spot recommended was just up the shoreline from the ramp.  A point, and an island almost sunken but still not covered was recommended.  In addition right to the north about 75 yards was a series of boulders sticking up.  The bottom here was very irregular and on both sides of the island it dropped fairly quickly to 20 feet.  Underground structure extended from the west end of the island west about 100 yards.  I picked up fish in this area.  First were some small northern, that was followed by walleye.  They were keepers, but not real big.
This is the island right north of the boat ramp.  I fished both sides and to the west.  Small northern were picked up close to the island.  Out farther in ten to twenty feet of water the walleye appeared.

Just north of the island you can see the rocks.  To the east and the north side of the island, it can get very shallow.

A small northern that was thrown back.  I caught a couple of more that were a little bigger.  The smaller ones filet out and once the Y bones are removed, make an excellent filet.  My wife and I both like Northern Pike, and I will take all I can get.

Moving up to the north end of the lake is a dairy farm that was taken by the lake.  Several generations of people were raised on that piece of ground and now it is gone taken by mother nature.  To my knowledge, the farmer got nothing. 
Staying with the plan, the boat was moved up the shoreline.  Whenever there was a point that stuck out into the lake, the area was worked with a spinner and worm.  If some hits were felt, the boat was kept in that location to see if something could be pick up.
The lake was crossed to the northwest corner where a former dairy farm used to be.  To the west is a line of trees, and it was suggested to work this area.  A lot of nice hits were felt, no northern were caught, but a couple of keeper walleyes were picked up. 
It was 9 PM and while plenty of light was available, it was time to get off the lake.  Not a bad afternoon considering the conditions.  Not having an idea of what conditions would be the next day, the plan was to be on the lake at mornings first light. 
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Good hunting, good fishing, and good luck.  Hank



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