Wind Wind and More Wind

The next day the wind moved from the northeast to the east southeast.  In  South Dakota, a heavy wind is referred to by the locals as a “little breezy.”  A little breezy, good grief flags were sticking straight out like they were made of metal.  Trees were not just waving in the wind, the smaller ones were bent over and the big one look they were going to be up rooted.  The tall grass was almost laying down.  This is wind, not a breeze.

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Anyway, having driven 300+ miles, a “little breeze,” was not going to stop me from at least finding a location on the lake that might be somewhat out of the wind.  The boat ramp as still protected from the wind as I arrived at the lake at 5:15 AM.  It was just getting light, and there were no other trailors in the parking lot.
Out on the lake, boat control for me was down right miserable.  Fishing for two hours produced not one hit, and it was time to get off the lake.  Hunger had set in, and a quick trip to Perebom’s resturant was made for a giant breakfast.  That is an attitude changer. 
Next stop was Sportsman Cove for recomendations.  The first was Swan, south of Webster and the second was Pickerell just north of Waubay.  Swan was closer, and upon arrival there was no place to park a trailor.  Plus the east shore was almost boat to boat.  No, to that idea, and it up was up to Pickerell.

Small island where the drift began
Here is a beautiful smaller lake formed by the glaciers.  Surrounded by summer homes and some permanent. The lake is clear and deep.  The state operates a really nice park and boat ramp, and there is a fee of $5.00 to enter the park for the day.  It is worth it.  The lake runs north and south and the ramp is somewhat sheltered, but managable in the high winds.  Remember the locals call this a little breezy. 
Plowing straight across the lake in the the wind (should be called a gale) put the boat somewhat out of the main blow.  The locals would call this spot light breeze.  When you see three foot swells that is a gale, not a breeze.
Where there is Pelicans, there is bait fish.  Where there is bait fish, there is game fish.
Anyway making my way to the southeast end of the lake, a bay was found with an island in the middle.  Motoring up to the island in about 4 feet of water, the plan was to drift back with the wind to 30 feet or until water started coming over the side.  I put on my life jacket.  Out to 10 to 20 feet, the hits started and they were soft.  Instead of setting the hook right away, line was fed thinking that they may be striking short and working their way up the bait.  Crawlers was the bait with a spinner.  I pulled up nothing.
Small mouth bass are warriors and he was nice size.
Motoring back up to about 5 feet and starting the drift, a really big fish whacked the bait and took it.  The ultra-light bent over and back and forth it went.  Out and then trying to get under the boat, it was slow pulling it up.  It had to be either northern or smallmouth.  Getting it boated it was a small mouth bass.
Working the area three more of similar size were picked up. 
A move was made around the island toward a weed bed and in 10 to 15 feet of water the walleye were picked up.  Not big at all, and it took the rest of the day to get the limit.  I must have caught 100 fish all just below the minimum length.  Working up toward the weedbed and letting the boat drift with the wind to 20 feet of water then repeating the process made for an exciting day. 
That is a white bass and very good eating.  I caught several of them.
After the limit was nailed, the catching and pitching continued until all the crawlers were gone, and then the leeches were used up.  It was almost 7 PM when the boat was steered back to the landing and then it was time to clean fish.  This was a great day with a lot of fish.  Catching and pitching them back is the way to fish.
Good hunting, good fishing, and good luck. Hank

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Copy and paste into your browser.  This is real wind.

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