On Safari

We are going “On Safari.”  This has to be one of the most exciting terms I have ever heard.  My wife and I are going to experience this adventure with our favorite tour company Odysseys Unlimited. After looking through tour catalogs and places we would like to see and experience, we focused on this tour.  It is a trip of a lifetime for us.  We will visit Kenya and Tanzania on a fully guided tour.  We will have the opportunity to see grasslands to highlands, national parks and reserves, and see stupendous landscapes.  I won’t be carrying a gun as this will be a camera safari. I have no interest in shooting the wildlife of Africa.

The schedule provides plenty of time to experience all that central Africa has to offer.  On days one through five we initally tour Narobi, the capital of Kenya. We will see the house and museum of Danish writer Karen Blixen, the author of “Out of Africa”. If you have ever seen the film, you will have the opportunity to see what we will be seeing.  We are hoping to experience the same sights, sounds, and smells she experienced during her time in Africa.

We will visit one of the world’s and Kenya’s premier game reserves.  This reserve is rich with animal life.  It is homeland to the native Masai people.  The area is also known for its wildebeest migration and comprises 200 square miles that are filled with various animal life. During game drives,we hope to see lions, leopards, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, gazelles, wildebeest, elephant buffalo, hippos, rhinos and other wildlife that call the Mara home.

The Masais white mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro, sits in the Amboseli National Reserve.  Here we will have the opportunity to see the large elephant population the reserve has to offer.  In addition, the reserve holds a good population of heards of wildebeest, zebra, impala and giraffe. 

On day six through twelve, we lodge first at the foothills of Kilimanjaro.  Entering Tanzania we see the spectacular Ngoronogo, a UNESCO Conservation Area and International Biosphere Reserve.  This is the site of the Ngorongoro Crater, one of the world’s largest and intact volcanic caldera.  On the floor of the crater we will see unparalleled wildlife and rare rhinos, hippos, zebra, eland gazelles, and black-maned lions. In the 100 square mile crater, we will have the opportunity to see Africa’s  “Big Five”, which are the elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros, lion, and leopard in one place.  We may have the opportunity to see the native nomadic Masai tending their livestock along side the native animals.

We will see the Serengeti, the home of the Masai.  This area is a 5,700 square mile plain and one of Africa’s finest park and wildlife refuges.  It is on the Serengeti that the wildebeest migration takes place along with zebra and gazelle.  The Serengeti treeless plain is the best place in the world to see lion and cheetahs up close.

As the trip comes to an end, we will visit Lake Manyara.  The lake area holds abundant bird life and other wildlife native to the area. 
At the close of the trip we return to Nairobi and our trip home. 

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Good hunting, good fishing, and good luck.  Hank



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