Hunting Chukars at the Little Creek Game Bird Farm

Checking the weather on Wednesday evening, it looked cold on Thursday, but clear with little wind. It would be a beautiful day, and a call to Little Creek Game Bird Farm near Arlington, Nebraska confirmed they still had plenty of birds. Their suggestion was to hunt Chukars. That sounded really interesting, and the more Betty and Dalvan described the bird the better it sounded. For me the big plus is they are excellent eating.

Inside the lodge at The Little Creek Game Bird Farm

Next came a call to my good friend John to see if he wanted to meet for breakfast and then head to the game farm, and of course Junior his chocolate lab would have to come along also.

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I wanted to do a little research about the bird and this is the information I found. The Chukar is a Eurasian upland game bird in the pheasant family. The bird has its native range in Eurasia, from the Kashmir region, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and northern Republic of India in the east to southeastern Europe in the west. They prefer rocky, steep and open hillsides. Hunters consider chukar one of the most challenging of all game birds. Its quick flight, steep habitat, and tendency to run, make it a challenge suitable for only the most dedicated and physically fit bird hunters.

The area where we hunted looking straight east.

Got to the photo section, and under my pictures, there is an excellent picture of one. Dalvan told me on the phone that they have a really large breast, and that makes for excellent dining.

John and I arrived around 9 AM to a bright and sunny blue sky, light wind out of the southeast, and it can’t get any better than that. Dalvan told us he likes to put the birds out in pairs to make it more interesting. After coffee and rolls we headed out to an area along a creek where the snow was not too deep. The creek while not deep is in a ravine about fifteen feet deep, and there were a lot of snow bridges across. Betty and Dalvan warned us not to try and cross the creek on the snow bridges as other guests had tried, only to end up in the water. The creek is not deep, one to two feet, but it is a drop from the ground above. Standing grass is along each side out about 20 yards, but now it was down from the weight of the snow and ice. The snow in the grassy area was still knee high when you broke through the frozen crust. To our right was a bean field, and the walking was really easy there as the wind had kept it clean. John and I took turns walking in the grass behind Junior, and then walking in the bean field.

Great sport, but the best part is they eat really well.

It did not take long, and Junior went on point. We were told the birds might run first, but the pair jumped and flew, and there was not a lot of time to get off a good shot. They did not necessarily fly off into the wind, but went in every direction possible. Junior jumped another pair later and one flew straight at me, while John got the other as it flew off to his left. The bird that flew toward me hooked off to my left and flew back toward the pen. We knew where he went, and the plan was to get him later.

We harvested a total of 12 birds and headed home by noon. That evening we feasted on fresh Chukar to round out a really great day. I highly recommend hunting Chukars, and plan to make another visit to the Little Creek Game Bird Farm before they close.

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Good Hunting, Good Fishing, Good Luck.  Hank.


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