Just a Little Patience

It is the last day of the Iowa season, and there is nothing to show for my limited trouble.  Analyzing my actions, there are a couple of important items to consider.  How much time did I spend on the ground?  There is not a good answer here as I have a tendency to socialize when the landowner comes around and that wastes time.
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Second, this year seems to be the season of impatience.  This is the result of having had so many great spring hunts in the past.  The weather is perfect for fishing.  I hate to miss some really good spring walleye trips when getting an Iowa turkey has become really a chore.
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Third, and I believe one of the most important elements to successful turkey hunting, is concealment.  I have just not been well hidden, and need to concentrate more on good hiding spots.  The turkeys in the wild have outstanding vision and will pick up on the slightest movement.  In addition, we do not know what they can see.  I am always concerned that my outline may be noticed. Even though a leaf suit is worn, my presence may be noticed.  
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RedHead Crow Call
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Fourth, I was told by an old turkey hunter that the majority of the big toms are shot between the hours of 8 AM and 1 PM.  He also told me when you see the hens out roaming around by themselves, these are bred hens and the big boy may be running out of females.  Start hunting then because the toms are looking for more hens and are more susceptible to a call and a decoy.  When he has lots of hens around, he is not so easy decoy and respond to a call.
Finally, how much calling should a person do.  Visiting with some people who claim to be experts, one said to call all the time to show activity.  Another said to give a hen call just to indicate the presence to a big boy on the prowl and give it periodically.  He will identify the location and if interested, start working toward you.  Both methods have been successful.

With all this review in mind and trying to analyze the skill of harvesting a big boy, a scientific plan was made and off I went to the pasture on the Iowa farm. 

I can almost find myself.
They came off the roost, and I made a couple of yelps then maintained silence.  It was a great morning and the company of a good book was enjoyed while the wait was on.  A couple appeared at a distance, but showed no interest.  By noon, the hunt was postponed with the idea to be back in the late afternoon and check out another spot.
Crawling in amongst some downed timber, I faced straight east and the sun was behind me.  Birds had been seen crossing a field from east to west.  This might be the time to be there.  Sure enough, out of the woods in the distance came two jakes and a really nice big tom.  Scratching and pecking, they came straight toward me.  The main thing now was not to move.  The gun was lying across a branch in front of me.  I positioned myself to be able to shoot.  The wait was on for the three to cross the field. 
As they came closer, it was obvious that they did not or could not see me in the fallen timber among the branches.  Not one movement was made even though some discomfort was setting in.  Slowly moving my hands onto the gun and with minimal swing, I brought the big boy into my sights and dispatched him at fifteen yards.
25 pounder.

One shot and he was down and done.  Now what was really amazing was that the other two birds hung around.  As I came out of the hiding place, they ran off and then stood and stared.  Finally, they high tailed it back to the woods on the east side of the field.  Last day of the last hour and I was limited out.
Good hunting, good fishing, and good luck.  Hank
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