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It was fifteen years ago that I fished Lynn Lake and I got skunked.  There was no dock but a sand ramp that ran off into the lake.  It was a nightmare getting the boat in and out of the water.  The wind came up and blew about 25 to 30 mph and the friend I was with was hanging on for dear life.  I was too.  The weather however on this trip was outstanding and there was a private dock installed with a decent ramp.  It was off to Lynn.  My wife and I went on this trip.
This is the Flicker Shad Pam used to nail all the fish.  I use the scientific method of picking a color based on weather and color of the water.  She picks a lure based on whether she likes the color.  Guess who catches the most fish.

We pulled up to Lynn.   I remembered it as before with a road that ran right down to the water.  You make a right turn and proceed down a road that says “Dead End,” but that is where you want to go.  You are greeted by a large pole with a sign that says to deposit $5.00 which is good for all day.  You fill out a slip of paper with your vehicle and license plate.  There is hardly any room to park and turn around. The ramp falls right into deep water and it makes getting the boat on and off really easy. 

We both had a fish on so Pam grabbed the gaff to haul her’s in.  I lost mine when I dropped the rod tip to give her instructions which she did not need.
The standard size applies on the lake with a 15 inch minimum and only one fish over 20 inches.  We met a young college student who had been fishing some standing timber as he was coming in and showed us his catch.  Wow, these were really nice fish and he was within 100 yards of the dock.  Why go chasing all over the lake?  There was no one around and the young man recommended we stay close to the dock area as most of the fisherman headed north.  That is what we did.
That is the boat ramp you pay $5.00 to launch your boat.  The dock was good, and depth at the ramp was excellent and you did not have to worry about smacking your motor.  Parking was a problem and it took some planning to get yourself situated.
We moved over to an area just west of the boat dock and it wasn’t long before the action started.  Running the Flicker Shad like I did at Pierre the day before started producing fish.  Northern hit first so we moved out a little deeper and there was the walleye.  Pam nailed a really nice one that was about 18 inches.
 Berkley Flicker Shad Crankbaits

Berkley Flicker Shad Crankbaits
Multiple colors available.  If you are not fishing with a Flicker Shad, you are not fishing. 

Soon I picked up a good walleye and a northern. The action was solid and the fish were hitting hard.  Having spent a total of 90 minutes on the water, we were limited out and it was time to go.  How much faster can it get than that.  
This old grain elevator caught our eye as we traveled back to Webster.  You do not see many  buildings like this anymore.  Made with a metal exterior it was built to stand the weather regardless of what was going on.  We both commented how beautiful the fields and prarries looked on this trip.
Back at the motel, we cleaned the fish, grabbed some lunch and took a nap.  Our next lake was Bitter.  We will talk about that experience later.
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Good hunting, good fishing and good luck.  Hank

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