Is It Really a 21 Kg Pike?

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is supposed to have caught a 21 Kg. northern pike.   That would be a 46 pound fish and probably over 5 feet long.  The pike and the video below was supposed to prove it.  Unfortunately whoever made the claim, was definitely blowing smoke.  The pike looks more like a 21 pound fish, not a 21 Kg. Northern Pike. Having caught some big pike before, this one does not fill the bill.   Still it is an excellent catch, and if you watch the video below you will see that it was a really good looking catch.  What impressed me the most was how thick it was.  This fish was really healthy.  I hope the Russians know how to take out the Y bones, and a video link is supplied toward the bottom. Once the Y bones are out you will have some really nice fillets.
Click on the link or paste it into your browser.   I believe pasting it into your browser will work the best.

Click on the video above or paste it into your browser and watch the fish being landed.  One thing I really liked was the net.  Mine is round and the triangle net really scoops up the fish.  I am going to buy one of those nets.
Also, watch the guide.  He continually reaches out with the net and tries to scoop the fish up.  He should keep the net next to the side of the boat and as the fish comes along the side close to the boat, scoop the fish up then.  The fisherman literally reels or drags the fish to the net. I could teach them a lesson.

Bass Pro Shops Gold Series Folding Landing Net with Telescoping Handle

Bass Pro Shops Gold Series Folding Landing Net with Telescoping Handle
This net is similar to the one used by the Russian guide.  I really like the way the fish went into the net. Click on the pic or the link and buy from Bass Pro. My round rubber net does not work as well.

The Esocidae family includes the true pikes and pickerels that are found worldwide from the fresh waters of Europe and Asia to the waters of North America. They are voracious fish and primary predators that are held in high esteem on all three continents by the angling fraternity. As a result, considerable effort has been put forth for hatchery propagation of these fish in order to replenish depleted populations. All members of the pike family have many physical characteristics that easily identify them as an Esocid. The body is round-shaped and elongated with a frontal-flattened head that has a duck-bill shaped jaw which is lined with large, canine-like teeth. The dorsal fin is inserted far back on the body. Identification of individual pike species is another matter that demands close observation of key characters that separate one from another.

I also noticed the President of Russia struggling to get the hook out of the Pike after it was caught.  If he only had the Bass Pro Shops Stainless Steel Hook Remover, he would have saved time and not risked the chance of a hook in a finger. I keep one in the boat. I have had all the hooks in my hands I want.

In Iowa, the pike family is represented by three different species: northern pike, muskellunge, grass pickerel and a monogenetic hybrid of the male northern pike and female muskellunge. All, with the exception of grass pickerel, are important game fish, and they are propagated in Iowa fish hatcheries for release in waters with suitable habitat.

Bass Pro Shops Grip Master with Scale

Bass Pro Shops Grip Master with Scale

This handy piece of equipment would have given the President of Russia or a member of his staff the opportunity to get an accurate measurement of this fine fish’s weight.

Northern pike is probably the most widely distributed and best known member of the pike family. The original range of the northern in the state was the natural lakes, the upper reaches of the large interior rivers and the Great Border Rivers, particularly in the upper basin pools. Each year the Conservation Commission cultures 6 to l0 million fry at the Guttenberg, Iowa Hatchery from brood fish netted in the Mississippi River.

Story below

How about this Northern Pike ! ! !
 The fish was never hooked but rather just caught because the large pike would not let go of a 36″ northern pike he was reeling in as seen in the first picture.
 It weighed 56 lbs or 25.45 Kg (if the weight holds up) as the old record is 55 lbs 1oz from Germany
The muskellunge, or “musky” as it is best known, was considered a very rare fish in Iowa until l960 when it was stocked into West Okobojii Lake and Clear Lake to provide a “trophy class” fish for anglers. Historically, it had been reported only a few times from scattered locations. 

The link above will provide the information needed to remove the Y bones from a Northern Pike.  Once the Y bones are removed, you have a really nice filet. 

While the northern pike makes excellent table fare, you must get out the Y bones and the link above will show you how to do it.  The pike have a slimy coating and are very difficult to filet out.  In addition on the side is a fin that has a big muscle connected to it that can make the fish difficult to filet.  I recommend an electric knife to cut a really good filet before you take out the Y bones.

Mister Twister Electric Fisherman Fillet Knife

Mister Twister Electric Fisherman Fillet Knife
I own a Mister Twister and even though you have to bring an extra electric cord along, I find that they do the best job of preparing the fish for freezing.  Plus, you can operate on really big fish that you cannot do very easily with the hand held knives.


Educational information from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.
*Mayhew, J. (editor). 1987. Iowa Fish and Fishing. Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Des Moines, Iowa. 323 pp.

Hammacher Schlemmer

Good fishing, good hunting, and good luck. Hank.
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