The Temple of Tigers

One of the highlights of our trip to India several years ago was a visit to the Ranthamborne Tiger Preserve in Northwest India.  The former hunting preserve of the Maharajas is thousands of acres and we were lucky in having the opportunity to see a Bengal Tiger in the wilds. 
Since that trip, I received an e-mail that provides a very interesting and unusual situation in Thailand.
In 1999 the inhabitants of a little village of Kanchanahuri, Thailand, found in the forest two baby injured tigers.  Their parents had been killed by poachers.  Not knowing what to do with the baby tigers, they were taken to the Bhuddist temple Wat Pha Luang.  There they were housed and cared for by the monks.
Since the original two were taken to the temple, other baby tigers have been taken to the monks and raised.
The tigers are tame and used to eating only cooked meat in order to avoid developing a taste for blood.  They are treated like members of the temple family.
The monks consider their monastery as a communal place and a sanctuary for animals and preservation center.
Wouldn’t it be exciting to be able to touch one of these magnificent creatures. That snarl would make me nervous.
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Good Hunting, good fishing, and good luck.  Hank

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