The Glaciers of Patagonia

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Patagonia has been called the most beautiful place on earth and we saw and experienced some of the most beautiful scenery we have ever seen.  Early morning we enjoyed the breathtaking landscape, as we navigated the Beagle Chanel.  This was all done from the lounges and the open decks topside.  Beagle channel was named by Captain Robert Fitz Roy in 1830 in honor of his ship.  The channel was known as Onashaga by the Yaghan, indigenous people of Tierra del Fuego archipelago.
The expedition took us through the southern fjords and glaciers located near the northwest arm of the channel.  We sailed up close to the Pia Fjord glacier and in the Garibaldi Fjord we viewed the glacier in this magnificent place. 
Pia Fjord glacier

Pam and I with the Garibaldi glacier in the background.

View from the bow of the ship as it leaves the fjord.

During the night we sailed the southwest extremity of Tierra del Fuego.  Brecknock Peninsula is the confluence point with the Pacific Ocean.  We were warned of the possibility of strong winds in the area, and it was recommended to move around the ship with caution. During the night we were both tossed around in our beds as the ship rocked and rolled.  Big waves crashed along the outside of of the boat and with a flashlight we could see the deep swells and enormous waves.  Next morning it was beautiful.

We entered Alberto de Agostini National Park.  This park was explored in the early 20th century by the Italian-born salesian priest Alberto Maria de Agostini.  This man worked until 1950 in the investigation of the local indigenous people.  For his work the park was named after him.

Next morning we sailed in Chico sound.  The fjord was delightful to view with its landscape of rocks, eroded by ice.  We rode on our zodiac boats through Alacalufe Fjord until we reached Piloto glacier of great beauty because of its blue color.
People loading up on the Zodiac boats to view the glacier.
Cormorants nesting along the ledges of the cliffs.
The glacier showing a gorgeous shade of blue.
Another glacier at the end of the fjord.

In the afternoon, we sailed the Agostini sound and landed in front of the Aguila glacier.  Surrounded by the mountains of the Darwin Mountain Range, we walked along the shore to reach the glacier.
The boat at anchor in the fjord.

Notice the blue color in the glacier. 

Close and personal

Back at the ship we had the opportunity to tour the bridge and the engine room.  Next morning we were met with an angry ocean.

Taken from our cabin you can see the deep swells and the windy condition.

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