This is Way too Easy

Gander Mountain

Nebraska gives fall turkey hunters and especially meat hunters like me a real opportunity.  You can harvest hens or toms and your bag for the fall season is two birds.  This is like manna from heaven.  A lot of meat can be put in the freezer when you add in the ducks that will be taken along with deer, elk and other creatures which fly or feed in the corn fields.

I was in the duck blind and there was a beautiful blue sky with some high fluffy clouds.  The sun felt good as it was cold when had arrived for another big slaughter.  The opening came and went and it got light with the sun scorching our eyeballs as the blinds face east.  Still, a bad day of duck hunting is better than a great day at work, not unless you are retired.

By 10 AM it was obvious that while the company was really enjoyable, the duck and goose hunting was worthless and now with a warm south breeze, the birds are not going to be up and flying around.  They will sit and dabble sunning themselves enjoying the fine Nebraska fall weather.  It is what ducks do.  It was time to leave.

I had some excellent success the previous week and I tried that spot first.  It was behind the storage shed and up the road from the house. I had some luck at this location before and tried it out, but nothing appeared and I was on a limited time schedule.

The dog was kept inside, thank goodness, as I walked in front of the house down the road to the next spot.  The turkey had come up from a creek below the hill and stroll up the road in front of the farmer’s house.  Late afternoon has always been a good time to be on location in this area.  I have never seen big toms, which is unusual, but a lot of hens wander through this area.

I hid in the crotch of a downed tree and sat there in the nice warm Nebraska day with my eyes having a hard time staying open.  I had too many clothes on, and in the sunlight that made it all the warmer and more comfortable.  I have fallen asleep before when hunting turkeys only to slowly open my eyes and have hens just a few feet from me scratching and pecking at the ground.

Soon, here they came.  Small to medium size hens and a couple of jakes in the mix.  Waiting patiently they moved up the hill not 15 yards from my position.  I picked out a nice hen and dropped her.  The other birds at the sound of the explosion flew, ran, and slithered away in all directions.

The landowner walked down the road and took the  picture below.


Good Hunting Good Fishing and Good Luck.  Hank

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