Three Days of Walleye, Forget Day 3

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We awoke early and headed into Webster to grab some breakfast at Pereboms Restaurant.  The plan for the day was to fish till noon on Pickerel lake.  This is a beautiful lake and one of the original glacial lakes.  Clear deep water makes this body of water a real sleeper.  The people at Sportsman Cove never recommend it, but I always see a few boats working the various shoreline and points.  The lake is surrounded by upscale homes and it looks like some of the people live there year round. At the north end is a state area with excellent ramp and dock, however, you must pay a fee to the state of South Dakota.  It is only $5.00 unless you have a season pass to the state parks of South Dakota.  Sometimes I do, sometime I don’t.

The other area is at the south end of the lake.  The dock and ramp are both adequate, however, the water is very shallow in this area and a person has to be on guard to avoid hitting a submerged rock.  You do not need a state pass at this location, and the parking is limited.

The north end of the lake always produces some nice crappie.  We have also caught some decent size northern.  Taking out the Y bones produces an outstanding fillet so we will take all the decent size northern we can.   We have never caught walleye at the north end of the lake.  With a north wind, a person wants to drift down the west shoreline to catch some really fine crappie.  A plus is you get to admire some really fine looking real estate. 
Here is a good link to follow to see how to take out the Y bones.

We have never fished the south end when there is a north wind.  With a strong south wind, the south dock on Pickerel is somewhat out of the wind and the bays are relatively sheltered and a fisherman should be out of the gale.

The boat ramp is at the tip of the south end of the lake.  It does not show on the map.  There are a lot of reefs and submerged rocks on the south end but once you move out to the edge of the main lake the fishing gets really good.  This is a beautiful body of water and the people at Sportsman Cove hardly ever recommend it.  Give it a try on your next trip.  Nice size northern caught at the north end.
There was no one at the south location when we put into the lake.  We motored out slowly to the lake and were met by a gale.  This was not what we had planned.  Moving into the wind we positioned ourselves somewhat out of the wind and made an attempt to fish.  Boat control was just not possible at this location.

From here we motored slowly over to the south shore and were somewhat more sheltered.  The only problem was we were in shallow water.  When I say shallow, it was ten to fifteen feet and we wanted to fish in deeper water.  It was way too windy as we moved out from the shelter of the trees on the bank into the deeper water.  Boat control was really tough, and my wife Pam was not happy with this location.  When we go fishing, she wants to fish, and not get banged around on rough water.

We tried to get closer to the shore, but had no luck, and there was no way we could handle the boat in the deeper water.  We gave up and headed back to the dock.  Crossing a section of open water, this small lake was really churned up and we were glad to be back at the dock.

We had been on the water a total of two and a half hours and that was enough for both of us.  It is South Dakota and you can always depend on the wind blowing.  The issue is from what direction and how fast.

Good Fishing, good hunting, good luck.  Hank
Gander Mountain


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