How Sweet It Is

Here it is.  The chariot that will carry us to glory and lots of walleye.

This is South Dakota.  Weather in this state is chaotic.  The blow out period moved the low pressure out, and this is generally not good for fishing.  We still had a high overcast, but the wind came up and began to blow.  This is where an experienced guide shows why we pay them for this service.  We went fishing in the big Lund as it made its way up the lake.  The guide had been in this type of weather before and knew where to go.  Twenty minutes after launching we moved into about 4 to 6 feet of water and started to fish.  It did not take long and we picked up a couple of keepers.

We fished two rods on each side of the boat and with the rocking and rolling, it was work to stand up.  I sat down in a chair behind the windscreen and kept my eye on the two rods I was responsible for.  We fished with Berkley Flicker Shads in dark colors about two inches in length.  We let out 30 feet of line on the inboard rods and 5o feet of line on the outboard rods.  Anyway, this was what the line counters said.  Boom, boom, shorts were all we were catching and on the rough ride it was tough to land one and get rid of it.  We moved.

A location that was out of the wind turned into a magic spot.  Wham! The walleye hit with ferocity and we started hauling them in.  We fished for 30 minutes.  After a location switch out of the howling wind and in a sheltered area, the fish gods smiled on us.  We were hammering walleye, and they were keepers.   It did not take long and I had one more fish to pick up to make the limit.

We did this in less than three hours.

Now comes the proverbial old question.  How many times have you had to fish and fish to catch that last fish to fill out the limit?  I love South Dakota, and as I sat and stared  at the hills and prairies that surround this magnificent reservoir, it happened.  The outboard rod bent way over and the pull was on.  There was no wiggle or fight, and it was like I was dragging a concrete block to the boat.  I said to the guide, ” I have got something.”  He grabbed the net and moved between me and the fish and then yelled “Good grief, it is huge.  Keep your rod tip up.”  Suddenly the fish let loose and began to fight.  I moved over to my left so I could take a look and “Moby Dick” threw the lure.  Well, it happens to all of us.  It took an hour to finish and catch the last fish to complete our limit.  

Good Walleye water with just a little ripple.

Rather than stay at the main lodge, the owners put me up at River Hills Lodge. 

Built years ago, this is a 5 star pheasant resort is for gentlemen hunting.  Here is where I want to hunt pheasants.  The lodge can only be described as one of a kind from the unique atmosphere designed to mimic an 1890’s western town, to the spectacular views of some of the most stunning pheasant habitat in the world. 

In the middle is the hotel and on the right is the saloon.

The owner who built and owned the lodge passed away and the estate continued to keep the lodge totally maintained and preserved.  All the new owners had to do was open the doors officially.  What is most interesting is the new owners were the managers of the lodge for years until the owner died and the estate closed it.  These people know how to run a resort for hunters.

As you enter the resort area this magnificent statue is there

Not only will I be fishing South Dakota, I will be hunting Pheasants at this lodge when it is officially open.


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Good hunting, good fishing, and good luck.  Hank

















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