Japanese Ambience Festival

Display in the Gardens with a Shinto Shrine on top.

For an entire weekend in October, Lauritzen  Gardens grounds was alive with merriment as guests celebrated the joys of autumn and experience the Japanese culture first-hand.   My wife is a member and we go to the gardens whenever there is a program.  This one was special since several years ago we spent three weeks in Japan on a tour. 

The Omaha Sister Cities Association helps host the Autumn and Japanese Ambience Festival, with a variety of activities to celebrate the Japanese culture. Japanese Ambience also celebrates the anniversary of the gift of the Japanese Sunpu Castle Gate at Lauritzen Gardens by Shizuoka, Japan, Omaha’s first Sister City.

The first display we viewed was the Bonsai presentation by the Nebraska Bonsai Society.  While in Japan we saw many examples of Bonsai and the Japanese “bonsai” only  produces small trees that mimic the shape of real life trees.

Outstanding displays of exquisite art work.

A demonstration of Samurai warriors in traditional dress presenting Japanese swordsmanship techniques.

This was a fascinating presentation and the kids in the audience seemed to enjoy it the most.

We then toured the gardens just looking at the beautiful displays of flowers and the leaves in the trees starting their fall turn.  The Gardens has had a project dedicated to Japan that is still under construction, however the entrance looks complete.

We hope that by next fall the display will be completed.

Now this bad boy does not belong in this series of pictures, but I had to put him in the series.  I leave in 4 days for N.W. Alberta, Canada for a moose and Canadian Grey Wolf hunt.  I have harvested moose before, but twice have missed the wolf. This is the third attempt and also the final. 

Wolves are one of nature’s ultimate predators.  They are very smart and difficult to hunt.  If I score, I will have a full body mount and set him out in the back yard on really nice days.  We live on a golf course and that should take care of the interlopers.

My duck hunting has been pathetic.  Generally in mid to late October we get Gadwall, and Widgeon opportunities.  We also have a lot of teal in early October, but that was limited too.  Anyway, they fly too fast for me in my old age.

Next time you hear from me, I should have a meat moose and a wolf.

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Good hunting, good fishing, and good luck. Hank


































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