Shorts and Sun

Wow, what a change in just a short period of time.  The wind came up and blew out of the southwest and the lake rocked and rolled.  This is great walleye water, but there was no cloud cover and old sol put the burn on us.

Pam did not want to get out in the wind and sun.  It was not so much the wind as the sun was really bright and high even though we were on the lake by 7:30.  The temp when I got up was hitting 75, and scheduled to move into the 90s by noon.  We started it right off picking up fish using a jig and a minnow.  That is the good news, but the fish we caught were all shorts.  A short is less than 15 inches and all we were catching were the shorties.  They were acting a little more hungry this morning.  Hopes were high.

We had started the same location as the day before but the fish were of no size.  It was beyond the term as a shorty.  Some of these fish would have made great bait.  At least they hit hard and rather than calmly tightening the line and wait for a little wiggle before hook setting.

Let your electronics be your guide was once told to me by an old walleye fisherman and we had all that you could get.  All that was left was to throw out the depth charges.  South Dakota does not allow fishing with TNT. 

We moved to another location.  It looked like we were going to hunt the walleye rather than fish for them.  At a new location, we got nothing and moved again.  What is interesting we continually graphed fish in the lower depth.  We were fishing in a range of 20 to 25 feet in depth. 


This looked like a good location with all the rock and sand on the shoreline.  It looks like that hump at one time extended into the lake.  We spent some time here, but we struck out.

It is getting hot and the sun is taking it’s toll on us.  Moving along the shoreline and working 20 to 30 feet we graph fish, but no one of any size is dinning.  We have not put a keeper in the box yet but the shorties are hitting pretty hard.  It was time to move on.  An old friend told me one time if all you are catching is small fish at a location move because that is all that is there.  So, it must be true as we never caught a keeper.

Rock, sand, wind, made this location the right spot to be.

We finally hit the right spot after over 3 hours on the lake.  We moved into 10 feet and then worked straight out form the shore line to 25 feet.  Action was excellent and we started picking up a keeper.  The fish were hitting the jig/minnow and this made for a lot of excitement.  We worked this area for an hour and picked up our limit of legal fish.  None of them were big, but all were in the 15 to 16 inch range and they filleted out well and will be excellent dinning fare.

Not big, but it is called meat and that is the ultimate goal of a fishing trip for me. We enjoy having  friends over for fresh fish and big game My next stop is hunting Elk in Idaho.

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Good hunting, good fishing, and good luck.  Hank








































































































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