About Hank Huntington, Esq.

Hank Huntington, Esq. is a native of southwest Iowa, healthcare professional, entrepreneur, accomplished pilot, hunting and fishing enthusiast, connoisseur, father and husband.  The best part of this hobby is, after a successful hunting or fishing trip, you are able to dine on fresh game or fish.

Hank’s father and grandfather were both avid outdoorsmen, so Hank learned his hunting and fishing skills from them.  This tradition has been passed down to the fourth generation. Plus, the love of the outdoors and a craving for exquisite dining has rounded out the package.

As a small boy he fished a local oxbow lake formed by the Missouri River. This was the place for big mouth bass, and there were lots of them.  Young Hank loved to catch them.

At age of 12 Hank started going with his Dad hunting.  By age 14 he was an accomplished shooter with a 12-gauge pump. Shortly after that he was given his first shotgun, a Winchester Model 12 pump.  He still has it today. It looks almost new, but the gun has never been hunted since he was a boy.

Hank and his family frequently flew their plane north to Canada to the legendary Canadian fly in lodges to fish for Northern and Walleye. Here he taught his son all the things his father had taught him about fishing.  Most of the time the two went alone to the north woods, but when camping was not involved, his wife Pam went along. She always enjoys the fact that she has caught a bigger Northern Pike than Hank, and he has been fishing for 60 years.

Today along the Missouri River valley, the deer population increased to the point that in many areas they were a nuisance. The duck, goose, and turkey population has also soared.

Area lakes have been well stocked. Many even have a walleye stocking program that makes outstanding fishing. Several are within easy driving distance of Hank’s lodge-like lakeside home. Altogether, great dining takes place at Hank’s home.  Hank harvests only what he shares at a table with family or friends.

Hank says, “Whenever I am on a lake, in the woods, or in the blind, I am always reminded of God’s great bounty and His constant presence. And whether in the great outdoors or at home with my wife, I strive to be a good steward of nature and all that God has given us.”

Good hunting! Good fishing! Good day!

Hank Huntington, Esq.